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The Best New Restaurants

The best new Hamptons restaurants

As the summer season hots up in the Hamptons, Natalie Chassay rounds up the best new restaurants for lapping up the laid-back East Coast vibe
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11 new eateries to try this summer in the Hamptons

ny-postHeading out to the Hamptons this holiday weekend? Like the shoreline, the restaurant scene out East is everchanging. From new chefs to sushi pop-ups to chichi spins on fro-yo, here’s what to expect now that the season has shifted into high gear. Read more

Restaurant Review


Bay Kitchen Bar

Author: Richard Jay Scholem

Eating at Bay Kitchen “feels like a vacation.”
Eating at Bay Kitchen “feels like a vacation.”

Bay Kitchen Bar
38 Gann Rd, East Hampton
631- 329-3663,


A golden sun was sinking beyond the horizon, casting a shimmering reflection on the waters of Three Mile Harbor. We were seated on a second floor perch overlooking the marina. There were seagulls and gliding boats on the bay. Inside, striped navy blue and white upholstery generated a nautical spin to the room while candles in reclaimed mid-century glassware flickered. A fellow diner remarked, “Eating here feels like a vacation.” He was right. Read more

Going Green


Chef Eric Miller Dishes on Bay Kitchen Bar

curbed-hamptonsby Jamie Sharpe

We’re huge fans of Eric Miller’s freshly opened Bay Kitchen Bar on Three Mile Harbor at 39 Gann Road in East Hampton. The seafood-to-table fare has created a buzz in the community and definitely revitalized the marina as a destination for upscale dining with a casual flare. Translation: nothing is too fussy but everything is really good! Miller is competing in the upcoming Taste of Two Forks on July 12, at 156 Snake Hollow Road. He opened up to us about the perfect bite, the slow food movement, and the underutilized fish of the Hamptons. Read more

30+ Chef Secrets to Cooking With Vinegar

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The Next Cocktail Trend: Fungus-Infused Drinks

conde-nastSavory cocktails have been trendy for a while, but now, forward-thinking mixologists are upping the ingredient ante. In recent months, we’ve told you about cocktails made with seaweed, caviar, and even a Mystery Science Theater 3000-inspired menu of liquid nitrogen libations. But a new trend is sweeping the American bar scene, and it’s one that’s best to taste for yourself: Fungus. Read more

9 things you must do in the Hamptons this Summer

thrilllistYour Summer days in the Hamptons are limited — before you know it there will be talk of jackets and Fall foliage and NFL football. Well, there’s always talk of football, but you know, there’ll be games and stuff. Whatever, enough Autumnal talk — it’s Summer, and these are the things you need to do before it’s over. Read more

The Best Things We Ate So Far This Summer

The Hamptons team recaps the summer so far in restaurant meals, from a decadent octopus carpaccio to a food-centric afternoon tea.

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